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Tailor made

Signaveris is Latin for tailor made. At ICL, Signaveris is a program of continuous innovation. It is a tightly interwoven collaboration between Sales and Engineering in which we work closely together on creating viable solutions for our customers.

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For our customers, Signaveris encompasses three things.

Sales Engineering

Our innovations are customer based. Our Sales Engineers partner up with our customers’ Engineering departments to advise on the best solution for a specific appliance. We solve heat related challenges and improve existing technology. When we get involved in a project during the prototyping phase, we work together also to save costs in the design of the appliance itself.

Research & Development

Unique solutions don’t come off the shelf. Each challenge requires a different set of tools: materials we have yet to find and techniques we have yet to develop. Our Project Engineers work closely together with Purchasing to find the right set of tools. If shelf materials do not fully meet our demands, we develop them ourselves. Alternatively, we look for a partner to co-create a special with. Tailor made products require tailor made machinery. On an external location in Rotterdam known as the Innovation Dock, ICL works on developing new production techniques. In a place filled with innovative entrepreneurs, we utilize the synergy to transform creativity into innovation.


We have the in-house knowledge to draft technical drawings and make use of a CNC cutting machine for prototyping purposes. This way our Prototyping Engineers manufacture samples without the need to charge for tooling.
Initial sample testing we do in-house in our laboratory. This takes part of the testing process out of our customers’ hands and speeds up the process. For large product improvement projects that require a lot of testing, we often purchase an appliance (i.e. a boiler) ourselves for advanced in-house testing.

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