This is ICL

Our goal is to be globally acknowledged as the innovator and problem solver for combustion appliances.

ICL was founded in 1987 by the Tournier brothers as a gasket manufacturing company for the furnace industry. Since then, ICL shifted her focus to the development and production of sealing and insulation solutions for combustion appliances.
Over the last decades, ICL turned her family run organisation style into the strong foundation that makes the company unique. This shows in the way we go about our business. We set our own standards and exceed expectations. We develop innovative, tailor made products together with our customers as partners. Our integrated Sales and R&D department solves high temperature challenges for our customers and provides the highest level of service: premium products and premium service.

To be the leading supplier of heat-resistant gaskets and insulation in gas-fired appliances such as boilers and stoves for its customers in the OEM market in Europe and North America, focusing on durability and safety.

Extending the life of products regarding the prevention of early maintenance for both customer and end user.

Working together with the R&D departments of heat exchanger manufacturers and boiler builders worldwide to find smart and high-quality solutions for the challenges of existing and new partners with our own R&D department.



Location: Moordrecht
Employees: 3

The brothers Eric and Remco Tournier decide to start a company for manufacturing high temperature resistant gaskets and furnace construction. Following in the footsteps of their father, the focus is predominantly on the installation of industrial ovens in the Netherlands and abroad.


Location: Van Deventerstraat (Rotterdam)
Employees: 4

Furnace construction is on hold. Production of high-temperature resistant gaskets and insulation grows. ICL develops the revolutionary Kerasil®. The unique product is patented. ICL sets off to find a new location. A location is found on the border between Rotterdam and Schiedam. More colleagues are welcomed into the company, a floor with offices is added and active acquisition kicks off.


Location: Innsbruckweg 64-72 (Rotterdam)
Employees: 10

Once again, ICL expands and needs a new location. A building is found in North-West industry complex in Rotterdam. More colleagues join the team. ICL focuses solely on high-temperature resistant gaskets and insulation. An increasing amount of customers knock on ICL’s door.


Location: Innsbruckweg 2 (Rotterdam)
Employees: 75

ICL launches its Signaveris program. Signaveris means tailor made. Within this program, ICL develops high-temperature resistant gaskets and insulation solutions. In 2015, ICL introduces its latest patent: Pioneer®. With Kerasil®still going strong and the revolutionary Pioneer® redefining the market, ICL prospers.

ICL is globally acknowledged as the tailor for innovative HT solutions.


Industry pollutes. At ICL we feel a responsibility towards both our environment and future generations.

On the one hand, we design products for high efficiency appliances that reduce energy consumption. On the other hand, we do what we can to reduce our environmental footprint. We utilise solar and wind energy and supply electricity back to the grid. We light our production facility with energy-friendly LED lights and maximize the usage of natural light. We save on air conditioning by humidifying our air. A carefully managed bee colony supports our local eco system. We work towards a paperless office and invest in research to reuse and reduce our scrap.



ICL supports the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF Kankerbestrijding), which funds and guides scientific research for this devastating disease. Its aim is: “Less cancer, more cure, and a better quality of life for cancer patients.” KWF is also actively raising awareness and running prevention programs to encourage people to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Oxfam Novib

Oxfam Novib is the Dutch affiliate of Oxfam. The charity is determined to create a just world without poverty. Oxfam Novib focuses on the following human rights issues: Healthcare, honest wages, sufficient food, education, social and political participation, equality and safety. ICL does its share in supporting Oxfam Novib.


Kiwanis is a worldwide organization of volunteers determined to improve the world. Kiwanis’ motto is: “Serving the children of the world”. Located in countries and regions all over the world, each Kiwanis club focuses on the specific needs of the community. This approach gives children a chance to learn, grow, dream and succeed in life. ICL supports the local Rotterdam Kiwanis club.

Smart Industry

Our Sales and R&D Director (Remco Tournier) has been appointed one of sixteen ambassadors for the Rotterdam Smart Industry. The project is an initiative by the Rotterdam Chamber of Commerce, City of Rotterdam and Smart Industry. The Smart Industry is initiated to stimulate manufacturing companies in Rotterdam to share their knowledge.

Health check and physiotherapy

With financial support through the European Social Fund, ICL provides its staff with a full health check and physiotherapy sessions.


“Conscious of the environment and always willing to invest in new ideas.”

Serge Groenestein | Technical Purchaser | DRU

“ICL’s tremendous customer support, flexibility and short turnaround times, makes them an easy choice for product development.”

Jason Thompson | R&D Director | NTI

“A friendly club, with a pro-active attitude and willingness to provide an extra effort when needed.”

Gerard Beckers | Production Manager | Dejatech

“You’ll feel safe with an ICL gasket in your boiler.”

Erkan Kiran | Chief Import Officer | Baymak


ICL is proud to be working together with highly regarded suppliers. Both our partners and ourselves are committed to ensure the highest standard of quality products.