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Innovation fund granted for Signaveris program

An important unique selling point of ICL is product development. Several years ago, ICL launched its Signaveris program. Signaveris is Latin for ‘tailor made’. The purpose of this program is to develop tailor made solutions together with our customers’ R&D departments.

The first product ICL invented and patented is the gasket material Kerasil®. The fusion of glass fiber paper and silicone creates a unique combination of the gasket properties temperature resistance, flexibility and durability. Over the years, Kerasil has proved its success over and over again and made a name for itself. We currently supply Kerasil to customers in 25 countries.

ICL’s latest patent was granted for Pioneer®, a highly durable burner refractory with integrated flange and burner gaskets. Serial production for Pioneers has started for several customers in Europe and the US.

Naturally, ICL continues to develop new and diversified products to meet our customers’ demands. This requires a lot of Engineering capacity. In addition, tailor made products often require tailor made machinery. In order to keep investments and overhead costs to a minimum, ICL applied for a government innovation fund – and was found eligible.

The innovation fund enables us to keep the costs down while working on the development of new refractory and sealing solutions for the heating market, as well as the custom tools required for serial production. Let’s push technology forward.

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